August 15, 2011


In October 2010 I closed the doors to a lovely little boutique which immediately started a new chapter in my life. I have spent the past 10 months switching gears. I fell in love, worked a lot, paid off debts while simultaneously pinching pennies, I lost love, dug deep into soul searching, found my true friends, learned to kick my feet up, and feathered a wonderful new nest. Now I am planning what is next--The Peregrine Papers. I envision boatloads of good times and uncountable adventures in the future all starting today with the launch of this site and my recently booked flight to Scotland for a quick autumnal jaunt. In the meantime, I am packing my bags for this weekend. I am off for a simple and cheap week on the New Jersey coast. I anticipate rollicking good times with friends and family, enough seafood to send a girl into shellfish shock, lazy days riding waves and sunbathing and evenings filled with soft serve ice cream, dockside cocktails, champagne and hot tub soaks under the stars.

Until my return... cheerio!


alison h said...

Sounds like a good time to me! Can't wait to read more. Enjoy your trip.

Henry S. Turtle said...

Ahoy, trés chic vagabonder! May the blog be with you on all your adventures!