October 28, 2011

philadelphia in pictures

Today is the Philadelphia Photo Day. Get outside with your camera or cell phone and take part of this project. In keeping with the theme I decided to post some classic shots of my family out and about in our hometown.

October 25, 2011

common scents

I have always fancied myself a Chanel No. 5 girl. It is classic and legendary. A feminine, soft, powdery, floral fragrance. It comes in a simple, clean-lined, no-nonsense bottle. It is both modern and old-fashioned. It is French. And it has been my go-to scent for many years now.

When I recently came across a book on The Art of Perfume it got me very interested in some of these scents from yesteryear. I adore the labels and the advertisements. They easily capture the mystery, glamour, sweetness and romance of scented waters.

I am especially fond of the Deco & Nouveau style artwork on the labels and in the advertisements as well as the oriental themes. I have done some searching and have found that the original Eau de Cologne is still being manufactured. Since the late 18th century it continues to go by the name No. 4711 and has always been a very closely guarded formula blending citrus, rosemary and "other proprietary ingredients". It is quite easy to find for sale online and I am about to order a bottle for myself. You can't beat the price and it will look so sublime on my dressing table. I am also very much intrigued by Florida Water, another obscure but still obtainable "splash". This lemony concoction promises to "cool a headache & help jangled nerves". I have this page bookmarked and I am ready to fill my shopping cart.

October 18, 2011

garden party

I am spending the day preparing for a backyard dinner with my best lady friends. For garden party inspiration spy here.

October 12, 2011

drink up

Yes, because it's always good to
knock one back while in the car.
This past weekend, October 8th and 9th, was the annual Cape May Wine Festival held in between West and North Cape May on the docking grounds of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. This ferry connects New Jersey and Delaware in a neat 17 miles. I don't remember ever being here before and quite enjoyed the landscape and view. Even the ferry terminal was quite charming and had the feel of a small modern European airport.
The festival was both well run and well attended. The lines to enter were moving fast and once paid and inside you were given a complimentary tasting glass and were on your way. There were over 30 vendors pouring their product and we got right in the mix and did some sampling. Soon after that we found a lazy spot to set our chairs down, camping right along the water while enjoying an array of food from the local vendors. While people watching and drinking in the scenery and the bottle of blush wine we purchased, I was looking around at the veterans of this event and making mental notes for next year. People came prepared with wine keys, there were picnic set ups of elaborate cheese and fruit plates, a group beside us were even making their own sangria. All in all a top notch afternoon.

October 10, 2011

the jewel of the season

Ruth St. Dennis frolicking, 1915
Another pleasure of this truly majestic October weekend I just had was a full day on the beach. I was incredibly lucky to have such beautiful weather while spending some of my last days of the year seaside.
This is my favorite time of year to experience the sand and sea. The crowds are gone and it suddenly feels more West coast than East coast. My family and I were one of few that made the effort for a day camped out next to the surf. The beach felt almost private in it's desolation and the sea seemed somehow more mysterious. The water was crystal clear and the small, powerful waves crashing in on themselves were like stones of jade and emerald being tumbled. The coast was littered with empty shells while fat seagulls strolled looking for more. The sea grasses were bursting with Monarchs. The overcast skies made it pleasantly cool and comfortable to be there all day. The haze of the clouds blurred the horizon and made the sky and sea become one.