October 10, 2011

the jewel of the season

Ruth St. Dennis frolicking, 1915
Another pleasure of this truly majestic October weekend I just had was a full day on the beach. I was incredibly lucky to have such beautiful weather while spending some of my last days of the year seaside.
This is my favorite time of year to experience the sand and sea. The crowds are gone and it suddenly feels more West coast than East coast. My family and I were one of few that made the effort for a day camped out next to the surf. The beach felt almost private in it's desolation and the sea seemed somehow more mysterious. The water was crystal clear and the small, powerful waves crashing in on themselves were like stones of jade and emerald being tumbled. The coast was littered with empty shells while fat seagulls strolled looking for more. The sea grasses were bursting with Monarchs. The overcast skies made it pleasantly cool and comfortable to be there all day. The haze of the clouds blurred the horizon and made the sky and sea become one.

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