November 29, 2011

getting around

Yesterday evening I organized and imbibed in a cocktail hop, also know as a "bar crawl". I loathe to use that title since this had nothing to do with crawling, stumbling or drinking until standing is no longer an option. This was The Fancy Ladies cocktail hop, the first in a series that hopefully will be a monthly, theme changing event. A dozen or so of my best lasses and I went to 5 fine drinking establishments and enjoyed cocktails of the highest quality.

Meeting place 6pm: El Rey, 2013 Chestnut Street.
Excellent happy hour margarita and tequila specials. I opted for the sangria blanca.
Once all gathered, we were escorted through the restaurant, into the kitchen (Goodfellas style), down a flight of basement steps and up into the back entrance to our second den of drink: The Ranstead Room. This is where I started my Tour of Gin with the prompt decision to give it a go with the Eastside Cocktail, a refreshing combination of gin, lime, cucumber & mint. This bar is dark as night and sexy as hell. Bonus: the bartenders know exactly what they are doing.
From there our group wandered over to The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company, a hidden gem in small basement speakeasy-style lounge, 112 South 18th Street. Don't blink, you might pass it by! The second gin cocktail I chose was the delicious, Drawing Down The Moon. This place hits it out of the park in the decor department.

After whetting our whistles in Rittenhouse we headed east and flagged a couple taxi cabs to get to our 4th stop: Prohibition Tap Room, 501 North 13th Street. This drinkery is a little more casual than where we came from translating to me, to a cozier, comfier spot. I was pleased to hear their daily "Old Man Drink" special was gin based. I went for it, The Fine & Dandy: gin with bitters, tripe sec & sour. I was feeling good in no time.

Last stop on this tour was the newly re-opened, Trestle Inn, 339 North 11th Street. It's grungy on the outside and a bit dingy on the inside but the cocktail list is solid, the bartender was more than accommodating to our large group of wild dames, and the house-made beef jerky is the way to go. Especially while drinking Beefeater & tonic. I was sorry to find out there are no go-go dancers performing on Mondays so I will have to return soon to get the full experience.
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