November 11, 2011

heady stuff

At dawn of the 20th century head pieces were all the rage in evening attire for women. The whimsical and sometimes ridiculously large hats and bonnets of day dressing were left on their perch in favor of jewel encrusted lace, feather adorned silk, metal studded leather, all dripping with chains, stones and fringe. Along with these mystical crowns came some very intricate and lavish hair styling. This trend lasted well into the 1920's and then disappeared, never to really be seen again except festooning the occasional modern day bridal veil. The flower children in the 1960's donned make-shift headbands salvaged from old leather cords, belts and scarves but their interpretation seems anything but grand. I, for one am in favor of seeing a resurgence in this frivolity. Perhaps tonight, when meeting my lady friends for spirits of the green hour, I will fashion something something glittering and plumed to don upon my 'do.
the father of headdress inspiration
alphonse mucha
dancer, cléo de mérode
model, evelyn nesbit
actress, gloria swanson
my great-grandmother on her wedding day
writer, rebecca west

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