November 15, 2011

one to watch

I am finally getting around to my round up of the film festival. After seeing seven films in just under two weeks I have decided that the one I enjoyed most was the final screening I attended; House of Tolerance (L'Apollonide: Souvenirs de la maison close). There isn't much of a story involved here. This is a Renoir come to life though painted with a very Lynchian hand. Paris, the eve of winter, 1899. A glimpse into life at one of the last grand brothels that is on the brink of closing due to the ever growing trade of independent streetwalkers. The sets and costumes are lavish, the acting is solid, the soundtrack is a strange but perfect mix of 1960's soul and rock music. I recommend trying to catch this one in the theater if you can. It makes more sense on the big screen and two hours in a dark theater are exactly what is needed to experience this dreamy escape properly.

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Nichole said...

Thank you for the recommendations! Cold time is indoor movie time here in the Northwest, as it is raining all. the. time. and there is nothing more comforting than a packed theater with sweets and coffee. We have the privilege of having several independent movie houses in my city, which are all velvet lined and deeply warm.