November 8, 2011

surrealist pop

Last week my aunt emailed me a picture of a woman in a plastic bubble floating on top the Seine River. I was familiar with the shot and was excited to share with her the fact that this was one in amazing series of fashion photographs by Melvin Sokolsky. These pre-photoshopped images, created with cables and cranes, were produced for Harper's Bazaar 1963 Spring Collection and feature the very elegant and glamorous Simone D'Aillencourt modeling la mode du jour. I am completely captivated by these bizarre, conceptual, fabulously high fashion images. The effort that went into producing one shot must have been massive. Sokolsky's penchant for mixing whimsy and beauty is something I never tire of looking at.


Kathy said...

Never saw that before. really, really amazing.

Nichole said...

I've never seen these before, and I am instantly in love! How oddly fantastical!

Henry H. Turtle said...

thanks for elaborating on these bursts of beauty, Reggie! Love them.