February 5, 2012

the good life

This week I stumbled upon another great internet discovery. What a gem! Through the ever-growing world of Instagram I was able to peruse the lush and lovely photographs of Miss Nicole Franzen. I followed the link to her blog and there I was delighted to find more of her wonderful photography married quite nicely with recipes and cooking tips, musings on travel, city living, and the finer things in life.
With post titles like "The Weekend is for Eating Cheese..." and photographs of a homey and rustic marscapone iced carrot cake I was immediately sucked in. Also, anyone with a love for pickles, aged Irish cheddar, and finding a home somewhere by the sea is someone I can immediately have a fondness for. You can find out more about this Brooklyn based blogger and self taught photographer and cook at La Buena Vida. Enjoy!

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