March 12, 2012

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Coty Airspun powder. I started using it as a teenager. Even at that age I was borderline obsessive when it came to anything vintage, especially clothing and make-up. Perhaps it was the set of faux lashes my mother wore through high school and passed down to me? Wherever this impulse sprung from I studied old photographs, magazines and books fanatically to figure out formulas and techniques. Enter Coty. I was addicted to their super matte red lipstick that came in a gold metal case, their L'effleur parfum and the loose powder. These classic cosmetics were affordable and easily attainable at the local drug store. The fragrance of all three of these products was the defining factor that reeled me in. I wasn't necessarily aware of that at 15. It actually wasn't until this past week when I passed by a display of Airspun powder that this occurred to me. When the trademark design of gold with white cotton puffs on a miniature hatbox caught my eye, I stopped and wondered why did I ever stop using it? I lifted the lid off and the smell instantly took me back. Then, looking down, I realized that most of the powder boxes were of a new smaller, plastic variety and that only about a half dozen were the original packaging. They changed the box! They were phasing out the old! I had a moment of panic where I almost bought all the old powders. I quickly came to my senses, grabbed one and paid happily at the counter. The Airspun powder is actually a very good make-up and I am more than pleased to have this back on my dressing table. In my excitement I compiled a nice assortment of vintage Coty Airspun advertisements. Enjoy powdering your noses, ladies!

If you would like to read a little more about the creator of these old favorites, Fran├žois Coty, click here.

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