March 24, 2012

a man with a history

Thanks to my mild addiction to tumbling, I came upon two new finds. I've been wanting to share these nuggets for a short while now. Though they are not on my kindred spirits page, my fondness for their content is the reason for sharing them today. First up, My Daguerreotype Boyfriend, a collection of snapshots of wildly handsome men through the early ages of photography up into the 1940's. How can a girl get tired of browsing through this well curated collection of fellows? And gents, take a note or two here, some themes seen in these pictures never get old or go out of style with us lasses.
Johannes Brahms, circa 1853, age 20

Next up is the Dickensian Dandy. It goes along quite well with the aformentioned link not unlike two peas in a pod. This assemblage of images is a serious nod to dandyism and all the pomp, circumstance, refinery and gallantry that goes along with it. It is a smart mix of men's fashion, dandy icons, old timey illustrations and well crafted interiors. In short, if I were a man it would be a bible of sorts. Seeing that I am a woman I will take pleasure in daily perusal of both of these sweet gatherings of eye candy.
vintage advertisement as seen on Dickensian Dandy

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kmandelsky said...

First thought when I saw Brahms pic was "god this guy's gorgeous".