April 20, 2012

link love

Today I want to profile four designers/crafters and their wares. As someone with design and crafting skills, I endlessly appreciate unique, handmade, well constructed things. I also understand even those without such talents long for lovingly crafted treasures. The people you will get to know here I originally stumbled upon through Instagram and I must admit it was their photography skills that originally grabbed my attention. After being baited, I took a moment or two to look into their posted websites. By doing so I happily discovered small companies and entrepreneurs bursting with wonderful goods for sale.

Herriott Grace
If you are anything like me you may gravitate towards handmade things carved out of natural materials, most especially wood. This is a company you will love. Herriott Grace was founded by father (Lance) and daughter (Nikole) living clear across the continent from one another in Canada. Along with hand carved wooden spoons, trays and cutting boards they just recently started producing a line of porcelain dishware and beeswax candles and salves. Indulge yourself here.

Folk FIbers
Maura Grace Ambrose comes from a background in Textile and Fiber Design. She somehow effortlessly combines her talent with her loves of travel, farming and working with young children and came up with Folk Fibers. She produces the most exquisite natural, hand-dyed, hand-sewn quilts and moccasins creating cherished one-of-a-kind gifts and heirlooms. She also has been known to tour around the U.S. in a vintage VW bus. Check her out here.

Up The Wooden Hills
I have a a real penchant for calico and ditzy florals and if you are anything like me in that department then say hello to Lisa Marie Andersson of Gothenburg, Sweden. She is designing and producing the sweetest line of well constructed, feminine and timeless garments. I find her frocks are not too girly or too trendy and they are always cut in 100% cotton. What more could you ask for? Maybe that they were a little easier to find. Until then you can find them online or possibly at a small boutique near you. Look here to read more and see about availability.

On the hunt for a serious travel bag? A handbag that will be with you for life? A small satchel to throw your bits and pieces in before dashing out the door each day? Look no further. Alice Saunders personally breathes new life into old duffle bags, feed bags, mail bags and odd leather goods. Based out of Boston, Forestbound just added custom brass keychains to their line of one-off, incredible bags. Get into it here.

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