August 7, 2012

essence of summer

In 1958 Brigitte Bardot acquired a little slice of heaven on the coast of St. Tropez. She christened this seaside hideaway, La Madrague and spent much of her time there throughout the 1960's and 70's enjoying the breezy, bohemian refuge. I am continually inspired by her home there. It seemed to inspire her too and recharge her spirit. Whenever I come across pictures of her in the vicinity of this magical abode she is resplendent, whether frolicking with her dogs, boating with lovers, entertaining friends or quietly soaking up the sun. I want to capture her sunny contentedness, relaxed homeyness, that splendid summertime je nais sais quoi. I want to find my own little Madrague.

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anne said...

wow! awesome pictures!