September 19, 2012

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my work space
I have a penchant for order and cataloging. I can't help but think everything should have it's place. This trait has me often invited into friends homes for day long organizing sessions. Two of my favorite past times are cleaning up my workspace and rearranging furniture in a room.  Many, many years ago, before I owned a laptop, I would sometimes horde magazines until there would come a point when I would purge them but not without flipping through each one and making tears of my favorite images, ideas and inspirations. Once a pile had accumulated, the sheets would be organized into a book. I still have this book and occasionally sometimes add to it. After I got my computer, I started doing the same thing with images I would find online. Folders with different labels soon cluttered my desktop until I started uploading them to a tumblr account. After about 4 years of continually adding images I found and reposting others, I broke down and joined the sister site to tumblr, pinterest. I have been really enjoying the format of pinterest, mostly because it has a very clean and basic format and allows you to be as organized as you want. Have a look and feel free follow or to leave a comment! See you over there...

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Sara Gossett said...

Yes! I love your workspace. I'm right there with you on hording magazines, etc., but I am missing your key personality trait of organizing my things! Between my boyfriend and I (both collector types, eek!), our apartment is generally pretty crazy. You could have a new part-time freelance career doing that - really! I appreciate pinterest's capability for organization, too. I wish there was a way to post things to multiple boards as well as have private boards! Maybe one day... :)