September 3, 2012

summer reflections

It was four short months ago that I was looking ahead at summer and visualizing a long stretch of hot days, long nights of work and buckets full of money. I was set on doing something out of the ordinary for my summer self and intentionally not taking it easy. Alas, things went awry. And I happily went with it because I am more interested in listening to the universe and finding my course according to what life sends my way. In doing so I have had one of the best summer seasons I can remember for years. I recall plenty of time on the coast, sunny days, sandy feet, wave wrestling, lazy days at the pool, backyard BBQs, arcades, rollercoasters, rainy afternoons, platefuls of seafood, moonlit nights, mornings in the garden, reading, mid-day cocktails, quiet cappuccinos, spectacular sunsets and above all... Italy. 

Just about halfway through the summer I jumped a plane to Italy and landed in Rome to meet mio amore. There were just 24 hours of Rome in 100 degree weather and I didn't have a typical tourist experience. Instead my brief stay was divided between a boutique hotel, Eataly, and an evening in Testaccio, a quiet neighborhood a good deal away from the sights of any Roman ruins or tourist traps. Dinner at Felice was a highlight, followed by catching up over an al fresco whiskey at a nearby park.

From there we spent the next week and a half making our way around Tuscany and the central west coast spending the bulk of the time in Massa where I met family and friends and enjoyed the local sights, food, wine and my first dip in the Mediterranean.

There was a quick day trip to Pisa with an even quicker stop at the tourist infested Tower. The rest of the day was spent wandering the winding streets and alleys, enjoying a light, low key lunch and of course, a creamy gelato to cool off with before heading home.

Friday brought a train ride to Florence through the hills of sunflowers, vineyards and olive groves. An afternoon of walking through town begged for a proper Negroni at the Caffè Giacosa. A quick stop for picking up postcards and then we made our way back to the station.

The weekend was spent in Siena. The views from our terrace were out of this world. I enjoyed every sunset & sunrise I could catch. We lunched at a local roadside bar and later dinned at a spa, enjoying their natural thermal baths and breathtaking views. The highlight of the weekend was a night in the old town of Siena with drinks in the square and dinner on a cobbled Medieval street in the most warm and rustic osteria.

Before the sunrise drive back to Rome to catch my awaiting flight to Newark I was lucky to have a couple last days back in Massa to soak up the sun and Italian hospitality. I can not wait to go back and see more and revisit with all the wonderful people I was so fortunate to meet.

Ciao summer!

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Kathy said...

Was lost in your beautiful journal and all its lovliness.