October 30, 2012

survival and other things

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone in my neck of the woods and no thanks to her the woods are almost bare. The bountiful, bursting fall we were in the midst of was whipped short by winds and rains. I am fortunate to have not much more to deal with than a pile of wet leaves and branches in the yard and a couple of tumbled planters. My family, on the other hand, is dealing with coastal evacuation, flooding, power outages and what remains to be seen. In the past two days of being cooped up I have been fighting off cabin fever with lots of cooking and digging into some projects. Today I am working on a flyer, the old fashioned way. I am hand-cutting and pasting as I go, borrowing from an old vintage Biba catalog. This is being put together for a clothing swap party in late November and I aim to make this mess shown above, the finished product. Which, I will no doubt be sharing on The Peregrine Papers at a later date. I hope to also be sharing some of the great recipes that I have been experiment with and enjoying these past few days including fresh ricotta cheese, Shepherd's pie, and a way to put the season's pumpkins to good use. I'll be back soon. Hope everyone else out there in the Northeast is managing through this stormy weather and it's aftermath. Ciao!

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