January 22, 2013

big chill

It seems that winter may finally come in and seized it's frosty hand upon us here in the northeast. Last night we were treated to a brief snowfall that brought with it plummeting temperatures that promise to stay below freezing for at least the next week. Fortunately last week I was lucky enough to slip in a balmy escape to the sea for a cozy visit with family. After packing my bags and heading out early on a cloudy Sunday morning, I descended upon the coast in a thick, enchanting fog that barely lifted my entire stay. I managed to get in a vigorous walk, a soak in the old claw foot and plenty of time reading (I highly recommend Grace Coddington's autobiography). It was just the thing to restore my spirit in the new year.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

loved it and makes me stop and take it what surrounds me and stop taking for granted these great sights!