January 3, 2013

resetting & looking ahead

edward steichen, 1928
This first week of the new year I am taking a moment to sit down, recap, reflect and reset. Oh yes, and organize. This past year and I got along better than the few before it. There were of course some rough spots, but through some miracles of the universe my family and I got through them. It turned out that 2012 was a year for me to properly and ultimately heal up old wounds and hang ups with a tincture of love and romance, friendship, good food, traveling, laughter and heavy dose of salt air. I was lucky enough to find myself working more than the year before and feeling a little more financial stable for the first time in a very long time. These sinuous past twelve months finally wound down two weekends ago at the Jersey shore surrounded by those I love most, my family.
Back in the city, the eve of the new year brought with it a first snowfall and a touch of the flu to my gypsy den hideaway. We mustered through it and put together a lovely feast for New Year's Eve, complete with three courses of fish and plenty of champagne. After dinner we took to the streets and celebrated the witching hour among friends and neighbors before calling it a night and turning in. New Year's Day leftovers made a hearty snapper soup that's doing a terrific job of feeding us through the week. 
 After spending the first of January lazing about, watching movies and keeping cozy, I awoke yesterday, refreshed and ready to put the holidays behind me and focus on the coming year. I am not one for resolutions but I have to admit this year I do have some goals and specific things to accomplish before the years end. In an effort to stay true to those things I spent an entire day cleaning, filing and organizing my work space, all the while drinking a little detox tea concoction of hot water, honey, fresh ginger, fresh lemon juice and green tea. It powered me through a repinned inspiration board, a spell searching for flights for my next adventure, gathering clothes that need mending, and mapping out Apartment Therapy's month long challenge- The January Cure.