January 25, 2013


Last weekend, after being tipped off by a good friend of mine, I grabbed my girl Tracy and headed to a fabulous flea market that has been sitting right under my nose, practically blocks away from where I live, for who knows how long. What a surprise spot full of gems! I wound up with a great new shelf for my pantry, some vintage party invitations, a swirling 60's printed bedspread complete with pom-pom trim and this gorgeous, crinoline lined vintage white cotton skirt you see here on the left, from Mousetrap Vintage. As soon as I laid eyes on this piece I knew I had to have it in my collection. This is that special item of clothing that will get me through the winter doldrums by inspiring all the light and airy dressing coming after the next three long, chilly months.
I have always had a strong gravitational pull toward such snowy frocks. I am quite sure it has everything to do with an unforgettable moment of standing on a chair in the basement of an old seamstress while being fitted for my first custom piece of clothing, a Communion dress. I will also admit to a heavy fascination with Gibson Girls and ladies of the Gilded Age and spending far too much time wondering how they managed to keep their pallid gowns unmarked by a wayward splash of au jus, the occasional tipple of sherry or wine or an accidental drag in the gutter. I know that when I am dressed in shades of ivory I am asking for trouble, the only consolation being the stain stick and Oxyclean waiting near the hamper at home. Nevertheless, I am hoping to embrace this milky hue more often. Wearing white is clean, cool and classic. It carries with it a sense of free-spiritedness, purity, summertime, simplicity, femininity, newness, and confidence. Here is a assemblage of inspirational pieces plucked directly from pinterest. Enjoy!

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