February 27, 2013

california dreamin'

Though I returned to Philadelphia almost a week ago, I have been both busy and lazy since then and doing the best I can to adjust from vacation mode to life as I know and a city with it's final grip on winter. If I said I was having a hard time of it you may sympathize with me or perhaps scoff at such luxury problems. Either way I will still share with you here some highlights of my delightful escape west. I hope to hold on to that sunny San Francisco feeling at least as long as the substantial wheel of Mt. Tam cheese I flew home with lasts in the fridge. Though truth be told, it's disappearing fast. I suppose there is some small consolation in the fact that February is over in only one more day. Also, since I have been home I saw the first shoots of spring bulbs breaking their mighty green tips through my burlap winter garden cover. Hurrah!
up, up and away

hello san francisco, so nice to see you again

much needed japanese lagers after a long flight
korean taco at namu gagi

golden gate

first sights in san anselmo

a welcome late afternoon wine and cheese hang with the lady of the house

sunny living
a first of many glorious sunsets

bright nook

morning coffee


exploring roy's woods

among giants

mr. wallabee

mt. tam production at cowgirl creamery

whipping winds at drakes beach

the newly opened olema's
pacific gulls
picnic on mt. vision

brunching at the barefoot cafe

downtown fairfax

marin farmer's market

a bustling market

drinks at cavallo point

the farley bar

muir beach overlook
bolinas beach
camera obscura at the cliff house, sf


hog island oyster company
sutro bath ruins

soma street food park, sf

fish, sausalito

cocoagraph headquaters

what poppy wants, lurkspur

last sundown

journal writing before taking off

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Kathy said...

deep breath...ahhhhhhhhhhh. that's what I just did. thanks for that.