February 15, 2013

up up and away!

on of my favorites by william eggleston 
By the time this post is automatically published I should be sky high and in the beginning hours of an exciting journey to what some people refer to as the best coast. As a born and bred north easterner, I am not sure if a can completely agree with the saying but I will admit, Northern California stole a piece of my heart a very long time ago and it has had a hold on me ever since. I believe this trip will be my 7th or 8th return to the Bay area and it never ceases to excite me. I have been fortunate to always have family or friends to visit when crossing the country to this enchanting, craggy, fog-laced Victorian gem of a town. That is, until about four years ago. But at the end of this past year dear friends of mine relocated to glorious Marin County and I knew immediately I needed to book a return. So off I go for a short week on the other coast, soaking up as much sun, sea, salt air, wine, hills, forests, fog and friendly faces as I can. You can follow my photo-journey via instagram. Until next time, I leave you with a handpicked collection of some favorite vintage ads, postcards and travel posters of San Francisco, the Bay area and beyond. Enjoy and au revoir!

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