April 5, 2013

a spring cleaning

One thing that gives me great pleasure and a serious sense of calm is when things are in order. It is that "spring cleaning" time of year and I am trying to chip away at all the tasks I need to get to by choosing one or two things to tackle a day. Cleaning my vanity and make-up brushes was one more item crossed off that list, even though it's a chore I actually don't mind and do my best to remember to stay on top of at the beginning of every month. After a month of powdering my nose and blending in countless smokey eyes, my brushes are pretty saturated. I used to let them soak all day and then wash them out with shampoo. It always felt that there was still some pigment rinsing out no matter how much I lathered. Then I had a life changing moment. A little while back I was in the art supply store and saw The Master's brush cleaner and preserver. It seemed to be pretty serious stuff so before I bought it I googled it. Behold! I saw I was not the first lady to have the idea of using it for my make-up brushes. Smart girls in the know had been using it for a while and people seemed happy. And though the list of ingredients is a trade secret, it is non-toxic. And can I tell you something else? It is classically fetching package, works like a charm, seemingly lasts forever and is cheap, cheap, cheap!

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