April 29, 2014

inspired living

In the past few months I have been spending my days keeping my hands and mind busy with more creative projects. This lean towards artistic pursuits started months ago, back in the Fall and it was a long time coming. I spent Thursdays throughout the dreary end of winter in a toasty basement at the Fleisher School in Queen Village, hands caked in clay and splattered with glaze, zoning out in yoga-like bliss. There were many chilly mornings where upon waking up I would fire up the space heater and quietly bead away the hours sipping coffee while making lusciously long dangling earrings and swingy swaying necklaces. Luck came my way in February when some freelance work fell in my lap doing odd bits of tie-dying and reworking of vintage clothing. At some point when the weather warmed a bit I was impelled to dig out an old box of embroidery floss I held on to and get to work on a jacket I had recently inherited from a friend who was purging most of her belongings before relocating to West Coast. My inspiration for the design came in part from a life-long fascination and appreciation of the lunar cycle and its power as well as a revisiting to my adolescent interest in astrology. There have been many wonderful and strange coincidences in my life lately and the readings from the stars seem to reflect them all very clearly. So in the spirit the the New Moon in Taurus and the Cardinal Grand Cross, I am opening myself up to change and going with the flow that seems to be coming my way.

It has been hard to put down my beads and the needles and thread, but this weekend will be an opportunity to take a break from it. I'm headed South again, this time to not only celebrate my birthday but also to scope out a potential new place to call home. After a lifetime of living in the city I was born in, the moment has finally come to step away which I am thrilled about and all of the opportunity and possibility that it goes with it. I see a lot of exciting new developments on my horizon and look forward to sharing them as they play out.


gillian chadwick said...

Gorgeous work!

gillian chadwick said...

Gorgeous work! Sounds like an exciting and fertile time.