September 18, 2014

three of cups

Today I was able to get my hands covered in the slick and slippery clay of a ceramics studio for the first time in over four months. It was also the first time I had the opportunity and pleasure of throwing clay on a pottery wheel. Up until now I have only built ceramics by hand, all the while eagerly awaiting this day. It was immensely enjoyable, from the use of the pedal to activate the wheel (which is comfortably familiar to using a sewing machine) to learning about centering, pressure and using some muscles in my arms that do not often get engaged. And I surprised myself... I felt like I had a very good hang of it right out of the gates. I managed to make three humble cups or cylinders without them collapsing or running off out into bowl territory, which, by the way, a bowl shape comes quite naturally on the wheel.

Being back in this class kicked a switch on in my brain. A creative switch. So much that when I finally got back home I was inspired to get out my lino blocks and start carving a new stamp to print fabric for a lamp shade I want to hang in the living room but I was sidetracked by getting a to-do list together for the next few days. You see, I am entertaining my first houseguest since my move to Georgia and I have some preparation and plans I would like to carry out before she arrives. So this afternoon, with inspiration still flowing, I made my list of things to do and food items for meals that I want to get working on. I hope that I do get to my block cutting somewhere in the mix maybe tomorrow or the next day. I look forward to this week ahead.

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