January 7, 2015

forging ahead

I spent a good amount of time in the past couple months focusing on what direction to take my design ideas and where to focus Forged and Found. What feels right and makes the most sense to me is taking inspiration in a place that brings me a tremendous amount happiness, the kitchen. I have such vivid memories of kitchens I grew up in and all the accoutrements and implements that defined those spaces. I have inherited tea towels and aprons, wooden spoons and mixing bowls, measuring cups and whisks. I have a burger press from my grandmother that I hold dear and use whenever I get the chance. Kitchens hold an enormous amount of sentiment and story. I have been collecting and studying photographs of vintage kitchens and noticing the accoutrements, the basics, the tools and staples, where they live and how they're used. Surprisingly not much has changed in about 100 years. This glimpse into the past will be what inspires my work in the future for Forged and Found.

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