March 2, 2015

evading winter

For the third February in a row I was lucky enough to head to warmer climes and meet up with friends old and new. This year (and last) I double booked myself and had the pleasure of going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and promptly heading west to Northern California. I thought that my move to Georgia would bring with it mild winters and a respite from snow and frost. All told, it had been one of the most pleasant winters I have ever experienced but that started to change right about when I left town for the Crescent City. While I was gone, Athens, Ga had a scant snow fall and a small ice storm and some parts of town lost power. Temperatures were frigid. I was happily soaking up sun walking through the parks and streets of New Orleans and slurping oysters while taking in the salt air off the bays of Marin.

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